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Harper | Topeka Newborn Photographer

I recently photographed Harper for her newborn portraits in my home studio in Topeka, Kansas. I loved her dark hair andView full post »

James | Topeka Newborn Photographer

James came to see me when he was about a week old, he totally rocked his newborn session! He slept like a dream, andView full post »

Nathaniel | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Nathaniel came in for his newborn photography session to my home studio in Topeka, KS and he did great! One thing IView full post »

Graham | Topeka Newborn Photographer

It was so special having Graham come to my in-home newborn photography studio in Topeka. He had such gorgeous eyes andView full post »

Karis | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Karis came to see me at my newborn photography studio in Topeka, and I couldn’t help but share a ton of imagesView full post »

Brynlee | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Sweet Brynlee came to see me at my home studio in Topeka a few weeks ago, and she was the cutest little thing! Here areView full post »

Brett | Topeka Newborn Photographer

I love when things come full circle. I first met my clients, Traci and Robbie, who have since become good friends, whenView full post »

Natalie | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Natalie is such a lovely girl! She was a little feisty at her newborn session, but we did manage to get some sleepyView full post »

Traci | Topeka Maternity Photographer

I love when clients become dear friends, and Traci has grown into a wonderful friend of mine since I photographed herView full post »

Karsten | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Karsten broke the record for being the largest newborn I’ve photographed, weighing in at over 10 pounds! IView full post »

Cadence and Ryan | Topeka Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing my first set of twins over the summer, Cadence and Ryan. They were three weeks oldView full post »

Jane | Topeka Newborn Photographer

It was so special to get to photograph Jane, as I did several sessions with her older sister Anna as a baby, andView full post »

Jackson | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Jackson came to see me when he was two weeks old, and he slept for about five minutes and then just wanted to play theView full post »

Gage | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Gage came to see me at about a week old, and I loved getting to meet him and cuddle him for a few hours. I enjoyedView full post »

Elsa | Topeka Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet little Elsa, who yes, was named after one of the sisters from Frozen! Elsa’s brothersView full post »

Della | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Della spent several weeks in the NICU, so we waited until she was home before having her come in for her newbornView full post »

Asher | Topeka Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Asher came to see me when he was nine days old and already so strong! Was holding his head up like a champView full post »

Cameron | Topeka Newborn Photographer

I had been talking with Cameron’s mommy for several months before their newborn session, so I was pretty thrilledView full post »

Reese: Newborn

When my daughter was born, my OB wasn’t on call when I went into labor, so Dr. Blake (or Sara 😉 ) delivered her. View full post »

Drew: Newborn

I loved getting to photograph sweet little Drew, who slept for most of his newborn session.  We barely saw his eyes theView full post »